Monday, June 18, 2018

It's Okay Not to be Okay

I first heard this sentence from Acha. It was very meaningful once. Never thought it is a timeless advice. At least when you're sad, when you're not okay. Sometimes it's okay not to be okay, it's okay to be not okay.

We are human, a soul equipped with physical body. We are allowed to feel such range of emotions. And when we feel it we have some options to cope with it.

Society, or some people-to less generalize it, tend to shut some feelings down. They say "Don't be sad", "Don't cry", repressing it and ask us to pretend we are fine, to never talk about the feeling. To ignore and put aside emotions.

Some other people, wiser, choose to let themselves feel the emotions. When something bring them down, they might not instantly get up. But rather take sometime to allow themselves to be aware with their feeling. Anger, sadness, insecurity, might be unlikable to human. But wise human choose to talk to themselves about the feeling, befriend with it, eventually tame them, and consciously let them go. So when you're over with sadness, you're doing it consciously, when you're awake and know what you're doing. Some wise human also choose a friend or two, a very trusted one to share their feeling. The one who will be there no matter happened and not making it worse. You're allowed to be sad, but you're also allowed to be happy. Letting ourselves to feel bad is the key to feeling better.

Wise human also, don't force other people to be always fine. They also let them to feel. Give them sometime, some space if necessary and companion too. And most importantly be there to listen with heart.

So, be a real human please. Because feeling is not something to put aside, it's our tool as human to cherish life, to connect with others, to train us to be stronger and unbreakable. And to be a genuine human of course.

writing this while listening to Jatuh Hati by Raisa